First Graphics Designing Work for PETOGEN TABLET

The First ever freelance project in Graphics, and the client was from US. What could I expect more in the beginning of my career.  This project is totally medical based project, the product “PETOGEN” a contraception pill for women, a biggest challenge for me ever as I didn’t had idea about this, and thus I spent lots of time to understand the product in the beginning. Which took more than 3 hrs . Then the challenge is what to show, why to show and how to show. I start brainstorming; I am telling you really it’s very tough when you have to work on such a project with which you are not used to. A lot of research and after lots of time that I given to Photo shop finally I decided what I have to and after a whole day research and observation I conceptualized and designed these two designs for my client which got one shot approved. It was one of the challenging projects till in my life. I enjoyed it

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