Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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N The best thing about it that IT was my first freelance project...Bhondsi gurgoan walk through.

By: Amit Chand On: 12:42 AM
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  • This is one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced in the field of designing.
    I designed this architect walkthrough for Bhondsi Gurgoan. It was approximately an area of 3000sq meter , which I had to design in 15 days with details of Cottage, Golf course, Restaurant ,Spa ,fountains, lakes and car parking .It took 8 days to design it and 6 days (24X7) were rendered to complete in quad 2 core 2.66 GHz with 8Gb of RAM. Approx 10000 jpeg files were rendered with 10 GB of file size, and then I had to edit on after effects to decrease the size and compile all jpeg into video format. The Final output was 110 MB of a Quick time (movie) format video. I learned a lot from this project, like how to decrease file size and how to work with low poly object. Camera movement and lighting were the biggest challenge for this project and I m the only person who is working on this project .I also faced a lot of difficulties while rendering it. After every 100 frame max would shutdown which means I had to open 3d max after every 100 frame.

    My special thanks to Nikhil Kunwar to help me in rendering.

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