.Here i come with my latest project.The grand LEELA 25th anniversary's a most challenging  job i ever did in minimum time with some gr8 conceptualization and designing work 3 stage option with some 10 time change and some 12 stall for decor and games .all that work done by me in 3 days.when it come to design a carnival theme you will not get anything beside some girl with semi nude  cloths  but you can get some nice designer elements, so every thing need to be in concept and   printable too bec we dont have time to execute anything in 4 or 5 days.basically carnival run around colors , butterfly , masks and some huge decor elements.but we only can play with colors,  mask, a option i put AV screen in butterfly with some 2 side panels for artist entry,at the center we have a hug sun shape cut out with a huge wings, some mirchi lights on the back of stage.still we have lot of things to do but every time you need to beat the dead lines so  i keep it simple. 
at the entrance we put  a huge butterfly at the center of the door and put some mask both side of the doors 
Still i have a lot of things and concepts to put in carnival theme waiting for my second carnival stage. 

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