-->I have design a stall for Paradiso, a Sahara Group Company. They wanted to communicate about their luxury services with lot of space to move around. Paradiso wanted to bring a real experience on stall. So here one can feel a water fall in front of the stall. Inside stall one can see a big wall with poster of golf filed in front of a grass mat with a golf stick. One can find oneself in a virtual world with all luxuries experience. A counter full of different country wine, a water pond on another side of the stall was placed. Above water pond there is a picture of a big ship. Placement of pond is such that it is giving an effect as the ship is sailing on water. A statue in the corner of the stall was giving the touch of world of antiques. These all jointly were giving glimpse of all services of Paradiso at a go. Also as per the brief it was a quite spacious stall.

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