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Installed 3D max 2011

I just install 3D max 2011,Everything is awesome about it and finally Autodesk have realized some of needs of the 3D artist. Some features I really liked about 3D’s MAX 2011,  such as Slate material editors This is really cool thing 3Ds max came with. This is basically for high quality of material support for bigger scene, but don’t try if you r a fresher in 3D MAX, just use simple map and material slot. CAT animation modifier This is what every animator wanted to have in 3d max. I think designers like me were just fed up by using that human biped and by creating different bones system for every creature, now CAT will give you lot of new feature of biped of many creatures in 2011.

paint multiple objects- Now you can paint multiple objects in your viewport over the mesh, but I want a paint tool like Maya in 3D MAX.

Lower version file save option- the most awaiting thing which every designer willing to have in 3D’s MAX is to save file in lower version. But only in max 2010 is having this …